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24 January 2022



The history of InvestConsult Group is closely linked with the implementation of “Doi Moi” process of the country. Ideas on establishment of a professional consulting company in Vietnam emerged in 1987 when Mr. Nguyen Tran Bat (engineer, lawyer, and now being the Chairman and the General Director of the Group) joined the establishment of the Bureau for Promotion and Development of Intellectual Property Activities in Vietnam, being the predecessor of Investment Intellectual Property Consultancy Company Ltd. (Investip) which is under the management of Ministry of Science and Technology.

Two years later, in 1989, under the sponsorship of Vietnam Scientific Academy, Mr. Bat, together with other colleagues, established the Investment Consultancy and Technology Transfer Company (InvestConsult Ltd), expanded and changed the business activities to provide foreign investment consulting services, one of the first companies in Vietnam to provide the consulting services in this field.

With over 23 years of development, InvestConsult Group nowadays has become a group of leading professional consulting companies in Vietnam with multi-industries services such as investment consultancy, business law, intellectual property, development, management, finance, etc. InvestConsult Group has over 40 lawyers, 150 full-time staffs and more than 100 collaborators working in Hanoi Office (Head Office), Ho Chi Minh (Southern Office), and in many provinces in the country.

In April 2000, InvestConsult Group marked the turn of the new millennium and the next phase of its development by the establishment of the InvestConsult Development Research Institute, which conducts studies on strategic issues facing Vietnam such as culture, economic growth, globalization, law, intellectual property, corporate governance, banking and finance and was the first private research institute of its kind in Vietnam. Research works are published in periodicals such as the Science Monitor, the Finance and Corporate Monitor and The World Today.

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