Intellectual Property

Intellectual Proverty Enforcement & Litigation

Enforcement & Litigation

Based on many years of cooperation with the IP rights holders and understanding of their concerns regarding the Intellectual Property Rights toward their creations, products, or services – their valuable brainchild together with the investment of immeasurable amount of brainstorms, funds as well as time – at risk of being infringed, InvestConsult Group since its establishment has always focused on promoting consulting activities related to settlement of intellectual property infringements. We provide full services related to enforcement of measures to settle infringements including (without limitation of):

  • Investigation and collection of information/evidence;
  • Consultancy on settling measures;
  • Examination of potential infringements;
  • Obtaining Bailiff’s statements;
  • Sending warning/ cease & desist letters;
  • Representation for clients before enforcement agencies;
  • Coordination with authorities to identify/settle infringements;
  • Filing customs recordal for border control measures.