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Other Services

  1. Investigation on use status of trademark

InvestConsult Group in coordination with enforcement agencies with the function of surveying and investigating information on the use of trademarks in the Vietnamese market with the purpose of helping clients in assessing the ability to protect their trademarks, as well as to terminate the validation of third party trademark or in litigation.

  1. Domain name

In addition to the assets of intellectual property rights, domain names are also considered as a valuable asset of the enterprises and make an important contribution to the development of the enterprises, especially in the era of technology nowadays. Aware of that importance, InvestConsult Group supports clients to carry out the following tasks:

  • Search, registration of domain names;
  • Renewal and maintenance of domain names;
  • Conducting legal activities related to domain names.
  1. Plant variety

According to Vietnamese IP regulations, in order to have the rights to plant varieties protected, organizations and individuals must submit an application for registration to the state agency in charge of rights to plant varieties and the plant variety must meet the requirements such as being included in the list of plant species protected by the State promulgated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, having novelty, distinctiveness, uniformity, stability, and a suitable name.

InvestConsult Group supports clients to conduct the following tasks:

  • Consultancy on plant variety registration procedures;
  • Submitting application for plant variety registration.