Legal Labour


InvestConsult Group is proud to be the agency with full capacity and extensive experiences in the field of labor, including but not limited to the organization, management, and employment of corporates. We have successfully supported a variety of domestic and foreign corporates and non-governmental organizations such as Yusenair, Draco, Peal Global, NPA, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Oxfam, Israel Embassy, ​​US Embassy…

We have provided services including:

  • Consultancy services on management plans and labor use;
  • Legal consultancy services on labor, salary, insurance, and allowances;
  • Assist in drafting/reviewing labor regulations, salary regulations, and collective labor agreements;
  • Consultancy services in drafting labor contracts, vocational training contracts, liability contracts, and non-disclosure agreements;
  • Consultancy services in the termination of labor contracts, and labor discipline settlement;

Legal services in the settlement of labor disputes.